World Nature Fund

The fact that we have to be careful with nature in order to continue to guarantee our continued existence may well be known by now. Yet there are still people and governments who do not take this issue so closely. That is why it is so important that a globally operating organization such as the WWF exists. Flora and fauna MUST be protected to give our offspring a life too!

Nature monuments

The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful places and places that most people have never seen/experienced before. We need to be economical in these places. On the one hand for ourselves to enjoy, but also for our offspring. Nature monuments makes a contribution to maintaining these precious national areas.

Ronald McDonald House Utrecht

Your child will only have to be admitted with a serious illness and for a longer period in a hospital which is not directly located in the own region.
Of course, as a family, you want to be as close as possible to your child. Fortunately, one of the Ronald McDonald Houses is located at the WKZ Utrecht where you can find temporary accommodation and where many volunteers (!) Are ready to support.

Free a Girl

Free a Girl is an organization that works worldwide against forced prostitution. This happens to many thousands of underage girls.
For an amount of approximately € 50.00, 1 girl can already be saved and look forward to a better future.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon logo Everyone is convinced that the disease cancer should be curable as soon as possible. Pink Ribbon is an organization that is particularly committed to stimulating more research and control of breast cancer.


Metakids is an organization that is committed to carrying out more research into the death of metabolic diseases in which around 800 children are born every year. About half of these children will not be 18 years old. This is how Thijs, the son of photographer Heleen Klop, also died. As a family, in addition to the sadness, they also achieved a lot of positive energy from the difficult years. Heleen wrote about her experiences in the book “Thijs, the book”. The proceeds from the sale of this book are fully benefited by Metakids. For information, you can read by clicking on the attached image.